What to visit in Lorraine? Cape to the East!

Today, I'm going to talk about my last trip to France in the East, especially in Lorraine, where I spent a short week ago. In this article, I will share all my favorites on what to visit in Lorraine.

As you know, I love to explore our beautiful country. In recent times, I have traveled all over France and I am always aware of how lucky we are to live in a country so rich, geographically but also culturally speaking. Speaking of culture, I think Lorraine is one of the most interesting places I've ever discovered about it. It must be said that it is located in the heart of Europe, on the borders with Germany, Belgium, or Luxembourg … Obviously, the story is striking and marked in this corner of France. And it is first in the cities that we realize it.


Stanislas Square

It's impossible not to start a trip to Nancy by its central square, one of the most beautiful in Europe: Place Stanislas, or Stan 'for intimates. We are talking about a UNESCO World Heritage Site (but not the only one in the city, do not forget to go to the nearby Carrière and Alliance places which are also recognized ) which can only impress.

As I say in the video, this place is rich in history, since dedicated to the very last Duke of Lorraine, who is called … Stanislas. They are rather logical, are not they?

For history buffs, I invite you to discover this unique character here.


What few people know about Place Stan 'is that a lead chest was buried on April 10, 2005, to be opened by future generations. Inside, one can (apparently) find a lunar meteorite, portraits of Nancy, or a special edition of the Republican East. So we can not open this box, but against, we can see where it is! For this, it is necessary to be attentive and to take some steps forward towards the Arc Héré then 2-3 to the left …

The Park of the Nursery

Just next to Place Stan 'you will find a huge and very nice park where chiller around many local people who come to take advantage of the ideal geographical location of the latter. At the same time, I understand them, I've never seen a park IF Well located compared to the city center, it's literally 200 meters from the square!

The Street Art in Nancy

It's been 5 years since the city developed interesting works everywhere, there is even a path dedicated to this, called DNA for Art De Nancy. For amateurs, therefore, RDV here.

Street art in Nancy


Metz-Ville Station

I arrived by train from Nancy, and I could not not start with this splendid station with a rich history: We speak of the most beautiful station in France, elected by Internet users for two years in a row. 'please ! You will inevitably fall under his spell as soon as you pass by … It's definitely worth the detour, so I force you to go there, whether you have a train to take or not 🙂

Constellations of Metz

If you have the chance to fall on the right dates (in 2019: From June 20th to September 7th, the WE), you will really enjoy! Constellations is a free festival that takes you all over the city at night to discover beautiful illuminations that illuminate buildings, but not only.

My favorite ? The Basilica Saint Vincent, but also the mapping on the Cathedral Saint-Etienne of Metz obviously! For more info, That happens here.

This festival alone deserves the trip to Metz according to me, I really loved the experience, not to mention the fact that it's totally free …

Center Pompidou-Metz

Difficult not to talk about this building that will surprise you just by its rather futuristic and unique style. For the record, this is the very first experience of decentralization of a public cultural institution, obviously the Center Georges Pompidou … of Paris.

You will find many interesting temporary exhibitions. Personally, I loved the one that dealt with neon lights, which is still a little in the theme of Constellations festival 🙂

The cost of entry is reasonable, 10 euros, and even free for under 26!

A work of the pompidou center


I could have recommended dozens of places, but I'm going to settle for one, the best of what I've seen: Fox Coffee. It is located close to the train station (be careful, two steps, it's rather long when you have a suitcase of 20 kilos) and offers everything I love: an atmosphere a little hipster but not too much, good meals with many vegetarian options, maps that change with the seasons … In short, my favorite to eat in Metz!


Lake Pierre-Percée

Having lived in Quebec almost 8 years ago (god, time goes too fast), I fell in love with this place that reminded me of the Mont-Tremblant National Park next to Montreal.

The Pierre-Percée Lake is an unmissable for its tranquility that can be found there. I was very surprised not to see so many people around the lake … Maybe that's also the charm of Lorraine. Very nice places just for you, it's still the very definition of happiness in tourism in 2019 according to me.

You will find a splendid point of view (free, again) accessible on foot just to the left arriving in front of Aventure Parc Pierre-Percée. It is from here that I took one of the most beautiful photos of my stay. Recommended spot for the sunrise!

The pierced stone lake is just gorgeous

Forest Wind

Finally, I wanted to talk about a very nice initiative: Wind Forest. The goal is quite simple, since you will be able to walk on marked trails while discovering works by artists along the way. There are several trails for several works. I find it top to be able to mix art and rando, so for the curious, it's happening here to get directions, practical info, etc. 🙂

the forest wind trail

Travel realized in collaboration with Destination Lorraine. My favorites & reco remain of course the fruit of my own appreciations 🙂

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