What to see in the Czech Republic outside of Prague

When we go to visit the Czech Republic, it is often to discover Prague, its capital, which is the fifth most visited city in Europe… But we forget (very very often) to get lost in the rest of the country that has a lot to offer. However, we can not, for example, summarize France in Paris alone. That's why I went back to discover this beautiful country, not its capital 🙂

A few words about Prague anyway

So, of course, when you arrive in the Czech Republic, there is a good chance it will be in Prague. Obviously, I advise you to stay 2 days to discover one of the most beautiful cities in the world in my opinion, but this article will not discuss what to do in this gem of Central Europe.
You can still discover a selection of articles about Prague below:

And of course, a dedicated Vlog on my favorites off the beaten track:

That being said, I can pass to the heart of the subject of this article, namely that to visit in the north of the Czech Republic. If I speak of the north, it implies that I really lost myself in this part of the country, because we have to make choices when we have about a week on the spot, including 2-3 days in the capital.


Population: About 11 million inhabitants

Capital city : Prague.

Area: 78,865 km² (6 times smaller than France).

Change : The Czech koruna

Change: Count around 25 Czech crowns for 1 euro

Neighboring countries : Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia.

First thing to know, rent a car! Although many cities are accessible by train / bus, I strongly advise the car that will be more convenient parks and spots I'm talking about. In addition, it costs less than 20 euros per day, I invite you to check the best deals on Skyscanner whose reliability is no longer to prove …

The car being rented, here are the places that I highly recommend you in video:

Here is a summary in text of the unmissable in my opinion:

The rocks of Příhrazské

Yes, well, we will not lie, this name is extremely complicated to remember or even say 🙂

But you can go there with your eyes closed, because it is a very nice walk to be done just an hour's drive from Prague! To go for a walk, go to the car park of Na Krásné vyhlídce. Then do the hike Drábské světničky from the restaurant. It will take the blue trail (1.5 km) to discover the rocks towards the end of the trip, and take the opportunity to enjoy the view that awaits you … No one around! It is already a very beautiful contrast, you will be far from the crowds of the center of Prague at this time, and yet only one hour away from the capital! I advise you for the sunset, you should enjoy the beautiful lights in the distance …

For more information about Central Bohemia you can visit the official website: www.centralbohemia.eu

The labyrinths of rocks of Besedice

The labyrinths of rocks of Besedice when it is gray

Ok, we go to a higher level. I OBLIGE you to go through this corner during a stay in the Czech Republic. This is a surreal place straight out of the greatest Hollywood movies, which will then be offered to you. The labyrinth of Besedice gathers tens (hundreds?) Of immense rocks in which you will be able to lose you in order to appreciate their greatness, and why not climb them if you wish it (not with bare hands eh, there are stairs: )). I advise you to spend at least half a day, and I assure you that you will enjoy.

For more info on Czech Paradise you can visit the official website: www.cesky-raj.info

Level photos, there is obviously something to do over there …

Parking GPS in Besedice : 50.6275333N, 15.2115692E


the impressive television tower of Ještěd

Want to feel in a flying saucer? I think I found the perfect place for you: Ještěd! In fact, it is a hotel that also serves as a TV Tower and has existed for 50 years … The futuristic style of the building makes it visible from very far away and I advise you necessarily to spend, at least to eat a tip in the restaurant, and at best to sleep there (which I could not do, and I regret it REALLY). In addition, the prices are ultra accessible, so I let you check according to your dates availabilities by clicking here.

In short, Ještěd, right next to the city of Liberec, definitely deserves a detour.

Czech Switzerland & Hřensko

We continue the road to the north, to explore the Czech Switzerland, especially Hřensko, definitely my favorite. There, you can find the famous Gorges de la Kamenice which you will inevitably fall in love with. It is a mystical place, powerful, where nature is queen and one moves slowly with many Czechs, some Polish, German, and zero French. Be careful, they are only open from April to October.

The result is inevitably at the rendezvous when we love nature …

Czech Switzerland & Hřensko

It's a bit of a hassle to get there, so be sure to park in the car parks on your way to Hřensko, and walk 15-20 minutes before you can take the boat (paying, of course, but really cheap). For me, the most beautiful gorge is on the first stretch by boat, but also take the next one if you have time 🙂

A little higher, you can also discover the largest natural arch in Europe, where I did not go for lack of time, but I heard a lot of good so do not hesitate to go if you can: Her name is Pravčická brána.

You will understand, there is much more than Prague to discover in the Czech Republic, so I count on you to lose you in this beautiful country that deserves more than 2-3 days in city-break. For nature lovers, you will not regret it. Promised!

For more information on Czech Switzerland you can visit the official website: www.ceskesvycarsko.cz

The beautiful Czech swiss

Travel made in collaboration with theTourist Office of Czech Republic. My favorites & reco remain of course the fruit of my own appreciations 🙂

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