What to do in Les Menuires? Several atypical activities to test

Les Menuires and I are a little love story. This is the first ski resort that welcomed me for the project ” Inside Mountain “But if, remember, I was then presenter of a program produced by TF1 who had taken me all over France to do atypical activities in the mountains. For the curious (or the latecomers), here is the episode shot in Les Menuires.

What memories watching this video 🙂 So I returned to Les Menuires in this year 2019 to test more things than the Fat Bike. So hang your belts, I will offer activities rather atypical to do on site!

Presentation of Menuires

Some info:

  • The station celebrated its 50th anniversary on February 12, 2015
  • Minimum altitude: 1450 m
  • Maximum altitude: 2850 m
  • Les Menuires have hosted the Olympics! And yes, in 1992, at the Albertville Olympics, the men's giant slalom event took place in Les Menuires 🙂

Obviously, the Menuires remain a ski resort so you can enjoy your presence on the spot to do the famous First Track. For 15 euros (I think it's very honest), you can ski first on the slopes and have a little dj offered at the top of the mountain. With obviously the first rays of sun, I promise you a magical moment! But if I do this article, it's more to tell you about 3 very unusual activities that I could do on site and that are worth the detour …

My favorite: Ski touring

I begin with my favorite, a ski touring hike up to the Lac du Loup Refuge. I was very well supported for this activity since pro skier Victor Galuchot (whom you may know from his YouTube channel Bon Appetit Ski) was with me to give me the best advice to climb as fast as possible to the refuge … And what a refuge! Lost in the middle of nowhere, very well renovated, frankly, I was expecting something much less sexy. I let you judge via this photo:

And again, I did not show you the view of my room at night …

Now yes. And as you can see, it's still damn hot! So I can only strongly advise you to put on ski touring to go to this refuge and enjoy a night of happiness that can offer such a place lost in nature.

FYI, you can also access this ski refuge via a little off piste. All shelter rates are shown here. 🙂

My return to childhood: Tobogganing

I know, I know, when we talk about sledding, we say that this activity is for children, not for adults … And yet! Be aware that in Les Menuires, there is a track exclusively reserved for lovers of sledding that is 4km in length, for 450 m of uneven and many bends devil! What to feast with friends, and wake up the little child in you. It made me smile to see more adults than young people on the track. Good deal: Children from 7 to 10 years free on the sledge of the parents, knowing that the descent costs 11 euros (this price includes the climb by the gondola of the 3 Marches, the rental of the sledge and a helmet which can be useful , it's going faster than you think a sledge launched at full speed … Believe me).

The most WTF activity: Electric scooter on the snow

I admit everything, I am an undisputed fan of the electric scooter when I walk in a big city like Paris. Yes, I know, some people find it ridiculous, but personally it really scares me! So when I learned that we could do electric scooters ON SNOWI was excited as never to test this 🙂

So I met Gérald that you can already see in the TF1 video at the top of the article. Since he knows how to do everything, he taught me to use this machine. Basically, in the beginning, you're afraid to accelerate … And after 5 minutes, you're at the cleat. It's really a fun activity to test, I can only advise you. And it's still fun to see people's heads when you walk by, I can assure you that more than one was very surprised …

As you can see, Les Menuires is a ski resort but it can not be summed up in this one sport in winter. So I can only advise you to go there, with family and friends, to enjoy and discover atypical things. Personally, I've been there twice in two years, and you know the proverb like me: Never 2 without 3 😉

Travel made in collaboration with the Tourist Office The Menuires. My favorites & reco remain of course the fruit of my own appreciations 🙂

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