Traveling with children

Going out with your family with young children is … “a breeze!” However, it takes a minimum of organization and respect a few rules so that everything happens for the better. Here are some tips from a traveling mom.

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Fly with your children

For the flight to pass faster, we bring pencils, coloring, a notepad to draw, a deck of cards and lots of little characters to tell stories. The tablet is also a good way to have a quiet flight;). I always bring something to nibble or have a picnic depending on the time of the flight.

For long-haul flights, consider ordering a children’s menu when booking. The meal tray arrives before that of adults. We can take care of our little ones before eating quietly.

If you travel at night, we bought the cushions ” First class kid travel pillow Which allow children to lie down and therefore sleep better. Some companies are starting to ban it for security reasons but I have never been told anything. They must not be side aisle to not obstruct the passage in case of emergency exit. A real miracle for my children because they sleep about 8h. They are not on us and are not likely to fall so the whole family is sleeping!

The younger the children are on a young plane, the more they will travel. Meal tray and tablet have no secret for them.

Editor’s note: to all travelers who will enjoy the flight to sleep, read or watch a movie (those who do not have children finally): in case of big crises of tears of a child, it would be nice not to watch the parents fight with their child with black eyes or blow very hard because the screams bother you. We, parents, have not overtrained our children so that they deliberately feel bad on a plane … We do everything we can to enjoy a pleasant trip too 😉

We bring the stroller?

As we traveled, we left the stroller for the baby carrier. We had the Manduca, light and compact so we could put it in the backpack when baby wanted to explore the world alone.

The stroller is convenient for naps but it all depends on the destination. Sidewalks (when there are) are not necessarily suitable for strollers so they quickly become restrictive.

the stroller can be a solution for traveling with your children

What type of accommodation?

I find it more convenient to rent an apartment with young children. Meals can be quieter and we are not all forced to go to bed early. We often take typical dishes to take away to continue our journey of taste but without the constraints of restaurants.

From a budget point of view, the apartment is often cheaper than a hotel room. Especially since hotels encourage families to take more expensive family rooms.

The essentials of a pharmacy case

The pharmacy is a must but what to put inside? Here are some fans:

  • Betadine for small sores to be disinfected
  • Smecta against diarrhea
  • Paracetamol
  • Biafine for small burns
  • Arnica
  • Steristrips for open wounds
  • Compresses and adhesive plaster
  • A thermometer
  • Some physiological saline (to rinse an eye, a runny nose or clean a wound)
  • Solar cream

In terms of vaccines, it is best to contact the Pasteur Institute and look according to your destination (

When do we eat ?

In general, we ate rice or pasta, chicken and eggs. Everything was cooked, never raw, and they were never sick during our travels.

For water, always in bottle (check if the bottle is closed) and never ice.

For the little ones, there are usually in the pharmacies small pots. The alternative is to buy vegetables at the market and ask your hotel to cook them. The last solution is to travel with a suitcase full of small pots!

the puzzle to eat when traveling with your children


It is true that a rested child is much more manageable than an exhausted child. However, asking him to take a nap at the hotel is not easy and in addition it cuts the day of visits for the rest of the family! As we traveled, our children learned to sleep everywhere as soon as we had a little trip. The baby carrier has been a great help! But overall, they took naps in various means of locomotion and varied …

If you sleep early and you are at the hotel, do not forget the front to read!

And frankly, we are all on vacation so for once, they have the right to zap the nap!

the nap is a strategic moment for children

Traveling with children

And if they get lost?

I put the card of the hotel or our apartment in their pocket with our phone number and their first name. If they get lost, they can show the card to passers-by or police officers. It never happened to me but you never know …

My mother’s experience

Traveling with children is certainly less relaxing but just as rewarding as a solo trip or a couple trip.

The children do not have the language barrier and they go without any problem in contact with the locals. We had great discussions or part of football thanks to them! To see them marvel is pure happiness.

So do not hesitate and travel with your children!

Thanks to Murielle for this article, if you want to read more about her adventures, here are other articles she wrote:


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