10 apps to download on your phone before a trip

Like it or not, mobile phones are an important part of our lives. They are used to call, send messages, make appointments, locate in the city, consult his accounts … in short it is difficult to do without everyday.

And when traveling, it's often the same thing! Whether it is to give news to loved ones, find the little restaurant in the area, take pictures, our phone is a privileged tool that makes life easier even on the other side of the world. And to make the most of it, here is a list of 10 apps to install on your phone before a trip.

To make everyone happy, I have chosen only apps available on both iOS and Android πŸ™‚

Do you need to use your phone abroad? Go and have a look at my article Which mobile plan to choose for traveling?

1. Google apps

Well it will seem stupid to talk about Google because I imagine that if you read this blog, you are still a minimum informed about this company. But we can not really deny that it has many applications that can be very useful on the trip, here are a few that I particularly recommend:

    • Google Maps : I do not present Google Maps, the classic application to find your way home or on the road.
      By cons I can show you a feature we know less about the application. It is indeed possible to download in advance the maps of the countries in which you go. You will be able to consult the map without internet.
      You can also add in advance the points you want to visit and classify them into different categories (restaurants, viewpoints, etc …)
    • Google Translate When you go to a country where you do not know the language, this application can save your life. First because it allows you to translate a few short sentences that will help you understand when you search your path for example. But also because the application has a very useful feature: the translation of texts taken into pictures. This feature served me for example in different restaurants where I went to the Czech Republic. In the Czech countryside, it was indeed difficult to find restaurants with menus in English or French, with a simple photo I had all the translations.
    • Google Trips : Google Trips is an application that allows you to have your flights, reservations and recommendations in one place. The app is connected to your Gmail account and detects emails for flights, hotel reservations etc … by updating to what you receive. It's convenient for all Gmail users.

2. N26

For your travels, it is better to inquire about the rates charged by your bank in the country where you go. Most of them charge withdrawals and card payments. I advise you to anticipate and download the application N26, an online bank that reduces your banking fees abroad.

It's been a few years since I discovered this bank and I must say that today is the one I use for 99% of my travels. Registration is fully online on the application and it is completely free, you even receive a credit card directly to you. Card payments are free of charge and withdrawal fees are much lower than for “traditional” banks.

I speak to you in more detail of the banks to choose in my article: Which bank to choose for a trip?

3. Headspace

The trip is the discovery of new cultures, unexpected encounters, beautiful landscapes etc … but it is especially finally having time for oneself. Get out of your daily routine and work to finally do what we like. And to help me recharge the batteries, I recently discovered an application that should please you: Headspace!

An application that allows you to learn the basics of mediation. It includes a wide variety of programs available according to the objectives you want to fix (fight anxiety, reduce stress, be more focused etc …). The goal is to create a routine during your travels of just 10 minutes that will help you refocus on yourself, your ideas, your body … It does not seem like that but when you think about it, how much time per day you do you really think about yourself and your body?

4. Tricount

Who has ever made a trip with buddies and ripped hair out of the accounts at the end of the trip? Everybody ! (If this is not the case, you can go to the next app πŸ˜‰)

Tricount is the perfect way to solve this bill problem! Once you download the application, you enter all your common expenses, you indicate who paid what to whom. At the end of the trip, the application calculates who is responsible for reimbursing expenses and especially to whom. No more puzzles on a sheet of paper and the impression of having paid half of your friends' holidays.

5. XE Currency

This application allows to have a real-time idea of ​​the exchange rate of all the world's currencies. It can be very useful for simply calculating local prices and estimating them in euros. But it can also help you when you go to a foreign exchange office: you can see if the exchange rates they practice are totally disconnected from the actual rate or not.

Believe me it can be useful to have this kind of application when you find yourself in front of your dealer in Vietnam and he proposes you to withdraw 1,000,000,000 Dongs in the greatest calm πŸ™‚

6. Hopper

Hopper is the application to prepare your trip par excellence! It includes flights and hotels and it allows especially to create alerts to wait for the best price before booking. The app gives you an estimate of the best time to book your ticket on a specific destination. What good to save!

7. Babbel (Paying)

When traveling to a foreign country, knowing some basic local language can be useful! First of all because it will save you from ordering anything at the restaurant but also because saying “hello” or “thank you” to a local in his language is a good way to show him that you are interested in his culture. Believe me, in most cases they will be delighted even if your accent is not developed at all.

To have these basics, you can go through the Babbel app, which allows you to learn about 13 foreign languages. Whether it's to know a few words or really take things seriously and discover a new language. The application is paid but by clicking on the link of the article you have 3 months free to test it πŸ˜‰

I discuss it in more detail in my video about Lisbon that you can see here:

8. Happycow

This application is simply pure happiness for vegetarians like me. A bit like Tripadvisor, it allows you to spot the well-known restaurants around you, but it focuses only on vegetarian and vegan establishments.

And it's also a good opportunity to taste vegetarian cuisine if you're traveling πŸ˜‰

9. Hide My Ass (VPN)

Censorship is a common practice in some parts of the world and it can also affect the internet and its content. This may concern Facebook or Google but also more harmless sites like Wikipedia. In order to counter this censorship you can download a Virtual Private Network (VPN) application. It will allow you to surf the net with an IP address located in another country, so you can view all the content accessible from this country. And this completely anonymously. For example, you can use it to watch the replay of a program whose content is blocked in the country where you are.

It is also a way to secure your connection because by hiding your IP address and making your connection more anonymous you avoid your searches on the web are tracked. You can buy online (for example, to book a hotel) in a much more secure way even on public WIFI networks.

There are many applications that offer this service and I recommend one in particular: Hide My Ass. This is the one I use everyday and I can recommend it for one thing in particular: its ease of use. You change your IP address in 2 clicks without any visible change in connection speed. It's just perfect when you travel a lot and often connect to unknown networks.

You can test the application for 7 days, it is then paid but you have a guaranteed satisfied or refunded 30 days.

10. Avast

Again on the theme of security, I advise you to download Avast, the classic and free antivirus. I insist on this topic because on a trip we often have to connect to new networks WIFI public (to give news to his relatives for example) who are more or less safe. To avoid worrying too much about it, Avast is a simple and effective solution. The product has been elected best computer security software in 2018.

And in addition it's free πŸ™‚

(BONUS) WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an essential app when you go on a trip. I know that many of you already have it on their phone (that's why I put it as a bonus) but I recommend it anyway. This is the best way to keep in touch with loved ones, you just need to find an internet connection to send messages or make calls.

Also be aware that WhatsApp is widely popular in most countries of the world. If you meet young people in South America, chances are they will ask you for your WhatsApp to keep in touch. Similarly in countries like Russia where Facebook is not really popular and it will be difficult for you to use Messenger with locals.

I hope that this list will have helped you to find useful applications to better prepare your trip. Feel free to give your own recommendations in the comments πŸ™‚

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