What to visit in Lorraine? Cape to the East!

Today, I'm going to talk about my last trip to France in the East, especially in Lorraine, where I spent a short week ago. In this article, I will share all my favorites on what to visit in Lorraine.

As you know, I love to explore our beautiful country. In recent times, I have traveled all over France and I am always aware of how lucky we are to live in a country so rich, geographically but also culturally speaking. Speaking of culture, I think Lorraine is one of the most interesting places I've ever discovered about it. It must be said that it is located in the heart of Europe, on the borders with Germany, Belgium, or Luxembourg … Obviously, the story is striking and marked in this corner of France. And it is first in the cities that we realize it.


Stanislas Square

It's impossible not to start a trip to Nancy by its central square, one of the most beautiful in Europe: Place Stanislas, or Stan 'for intimates. We are talking about a UNESCO World Heritage Site (but not the only one in the city, do not forget to go to the nearby Carrière and Alliance places which are also recognized ) which can only impress.

As I say in the video, this place is rich in history, since dedicated to the very last Duke of Lorraine, who is called … Stanislas. They are rather logical, are not they?

For history buffs, I invite you to discover this unique character here.


What few people know about Place Stan 'is that a lead chest was buried on April 10, 2005, to be opened by future generations. Inside, one can (apparently) find a lunar meteorite, portraits of Nancy, or a special edition of the Republican East. So we can not open this box, but against, we can see where it is! For this, it is necessary to be attentive and to take some steps forward towards the Arc Héré then 2-3 to the left …

The Park of the Nursery

Just next to Place Stan 'you will find a huge and very nice park where chiller around many local people who come to take advantage of the ideal geographical location of the latter. At the same time, I understand them, I've never seen a park IF Well located compared to the city center, it's literally 200 meters from the square!

The Street Art in Nancy

It's been 5 years since the city developed interesting works everywhere, there is even a path dedicated to this, called DNA for Art De Nancy. For amateurs, therefore, RDV here.

Street art in Nancy


Metz-Ville Station

I arrived by train from Nancy, and I could not not start with this splendid station with a rich history: We speak of the most beautiful station in France, elected by Internet users for two years in a row. 'please ! You will inevitably fall under his spell as soon as you pass by … It's definitely worth the detour, so I force you to go there, whether you have a train to take or not 🙂

Constellations of Metz

If you have the chance to fall on the right dates (in 2019: From June 20th to September 7th, the WE), you will really enjoy! Constellations is a free festival that takes you all over the city at night to discover beautiful illuminations that illuminate buildings, but not only.

My favorite ? The Basilica Saint Vincent, but also the mapping on the Cathedral Saint-Etienne of Metz obviously! For more info, That happens here.

This festival alone deserves the trip to Metz according to me, I really loved the experience, not to mention the fact that it's totally free …

Center Pompidou-Metz

Difficult not to talk about this building that will surprise you just by its rather futuristic and unique style. For the record, this is the very first experience of decentralization of a public cultural institution, obviously the Center Georges Pompidou … of Paris.

You will find many interesting temporary exhibitions. Personally, I loved the one that dealt with neon lights, which is still a little in the theme of Constellations festival 🙂

The cost of entry is reasonable, 10 euros, and even free for under 26!

A work of the pompidou center


I could have recommended dozens of places, but I'm going to settle for one, the best of what I've seen: Fox Coffee. It is located close to the train station (be careful, two steps, it's rather long when you have a suitcase of 20 kilos) and offers everything I love: an atmosphere a little hipster but not too much, good meals with many vegetarian options, maps that change with the seasons … In short, my favorite to eat in Metz!


Lake Pierre-Percée

Having lived in Quebec almost 8 years ago (god, time goes too fast), I fell in love with this place that reminded me of the Mont-Tremblant National Park next to Montreal.

The Pierre-Percée Lake is an unmissable for its tranquility that can be found there. I was very surprised not to see so many people around the lake … Maybe that's also the charm of Lorraine. Very nice places just for you, it's still the very definition of happiness in tourism in 2019 according to me.

You will find a splendid point of view (free, again) accessible on foot just to the left arriving in front of Aventure Parc Pierre-Percée. It is from here that I took one of the most beautiful photos of my stay. Recommended spot for the sunrise!

The pierced stone lake is just gorgeous

Forest Wind

Finally, I wanted to talk about a very nice initiative: Wind Forest. The goal is quite simple, since you will be able to walk on marked trails while discovering works by artists along the way. There are several trails for several works. I find it top to be able to mix art and rando, so for the curious, it's happening here to get directions, practical info, etc. 🙂

the forest wind trail

Travel realized in collaboration with Destination Lorraine. My favorites & reco remain of course the fruit of my own appreciations 🙂

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What to do in Les Menuires? Several atypical activities to test

Les Menuires and I are a little love story. This is the first ski resort that welcomed me for the project ” Inside Mountain “But if, remember, I was then presenter of a program produced by TF1 who had taken me all over France to do atypical activities in the mountains. For the curious (or the latecomers), here is the episode shot in Les Menuires.

What memories watching this video 🙂 So I returned to Les Menuires in this year 2019 to test more things than the Fat Bike. So hang your belts, I will offer activities rather atypical to do on site!

Presentation of Menuires

Some info:

  • The station celebrated its 50th anniversary on February 12, 2015
  • Minimum altitude: 1450 m
  • Maximum altitude: 2850 m
  • Les Menuires have hosted the Olympics! And yes, in 1992, at the Albertville Olympics, the men's giant slalom event took place in Les Menuires 🙂

Obviously, the Menuires remain a ski resort so you can enjoy your presence on the spot to do the famous First Track. For 15 euros (I think it's very honest), you can ski first on the slopes and have a little dj offered at the top of the mountain. With obviously the first rays of sun, I promise you a magical moment! But if I do this article, it's more to tell you about 3 very unusual activities that I could do on site and that are worth the detour …

My favorite: Ski touring

I begin with my favorite, a ski touring hike up to the Lac du Loup Refuge. I was very well supported for this activity since pro skier Victor Galuchot (whom you may know from his YouTube channel Bon Appetit Ski) was with me to give me the best advice to climb as fast as possible to the refuge … And what a refuge! Lost in the middle of nowhere, very well renovated, frankly, I was expecting something much less sexy. I let you judge via this photo:

And again, I did not show you the view of my room at night …

Now yes. And as you can see, it's still damn hot! So I can only strongly advise you to put on ski touring to go to this refuge and enjoy a night of happiness that can offer such a place lost in nature.

FYI, you can also access this ski refuge via a little off piste. All shelter rates are shown here. 🙂

My return to childhood: Tobogganing

I know, I know, when we talk about sledding, we say that this activity is for children, not for adults … And yet! Be aware that in Les Menuires, there is a track exclusively reserved for lovers of sledding that is 4km in length, for 450 m of uneven and many bends devil! What to feast with friends, and wake up the little child in you. It made me smile to see more adults than young people on the track. Good deal: Children from 7 to 10 years free on the sledge of the parents, knowing that the descent costs 11 euros (this price includes the climb by the gondola of the 3 Marches, the rental of the sledge and a helmet which can be useful , it's going faster than you think a sledge launched at full speed … Believe me).

The most WTF activity: Electric scooter on the snow

I admit everything, I am an undisputed fan of the electric scooter when I walk in a big city like Paris. Yes, I know, some people find it ridiculous, but personally it really scares me! So when I learned that we could do electric scooters ON SNOWI was excited as never to test this 🙂

So I met Gérald that you can already see in the TF1 video at the top of the article. Since he knows how to do everything, he taught me to use this machine. Basically, in the beginning, you're afraid to accelerate … And after 5 minutes, you're at the cleat. It's really a fun activity to test, I can only advise you. And it's still fun to see people's heads when you walk by, I can assure you that more than one was very surprised …

As you can see, Les Menuires is a ski resort but it can not be summed up in this one sport in winter. So I can only advise you to go there, with family and friends, to enjoy and discover atypical things. Personally, I've been there twice in two years, and you know the proverb like me: Never 2 without 3 😉

Travel made in collaboration with the Tourist Office The Menuires. My favorites & reco remain of course the fruit of my own appreciations 🙂

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Wild camping | Everything you need to know

To go wild camping is to be free from your travels, and completely independent in terms of accommodation. Sleeping in your tent is also about being closer to nature and a bit more adventurous than in everyday life (unless you're a full-time adventurer like Mike Horn or Bear Grylls). However, there are some important things to know before unfolding your tent, I present them in this article 🙂

Choose your tent

There are many choices of tents, two places or three places? Light or rather compact?

Most of the time, a two-seater tent is preferred for its size and weight. You never think you need a place for a third traveler. Only in practice, a two-seater tent limits space and comfort. We often forget the size of our bags and the importance of placing them indoors, away from moisture.

During my last trip from Glasgow to Isle of Skye, I decided to open my new wild camping tent with my buddy of the moment (which was a good idea, any hot body is good to take) .

In order to choose your tent, you need to know what the weather conditions are going to be. For example, knowing that I was moving to Scotland, I chose a tent that was strong and resistant to winds of 70km / h and more than 5000mm of rain.

Trekking tents are light and compact, while camping tents may be easier to unfold but heavier. Indeed, it is important to check the weight of your tent and how compact it is, especially if you are traveling on foot or if you are going to have to carry it on long journeys (second advantage of having a second body with you) .

It is not recommended to pass the weight of the tent before its resistance, insulation, size, or any other characteristics necessary for a good comfort.

find your tent for camping

Find the campsite

In France

Wild camping in France is quite complicated, but not impossible! To avoid any problem, we must ensure the legality of the place, making sure to respect the following rules:

  • Being more than 200 meters from the sea
  • Not to be on a classified natural or historic site
  • Do not be near a clean drinking water point
  • Do not be on a road or road
  • Do not be on private property (unless you have the agreement of the owner, of course).

For more information, I advise you to go on the government website about camping off developed land and rules to follow.

Some national parks have their own rules and allow for bivouac camping (overnight camping between 7pm and 9am). It's worth knowing, especially when you know how beautiful some parks are. What you can also do is simply go ring with individuals who own a large lot, with a little luck you will have a place to camp quietly and you can make beautiful meetings.

In Europe

Some countries also have legislation allowing the use of natural places, and therefore all kinds of camping (mainly Nordic countries). This law from Sweden and Finland states that “full use of natural areas” is permitted.

You can find more specific information about countries allowing wild camping, right here.

Some tips

In order to choose the location of your tent, we must focus on dry places and if possible sheltered from the wind. Do not make the same mistake as us: do not put your tent on top of the highest mountain, where wind and rain can easily reach you.

Avoid flood areas in case of rain, hollow soils where water may accumulate, and do not sit under a tree where branches may fall on you. Although it is attractive to sit in front of a river to wake up with a great view, it could be dangerous in some cases (not to mention the noise that could disturb your sleep).

Do not wait until night falls to find your camp site, otherwise you will have a hard time evaluating all the risks, but also to pitch your tent in the dark … believe the experience.

The camping site is important

Live in the heart of nature

Survive the cold

Depending on the country you are in, and the time of year, nights in a tent can be particularly difficult to live. As I mentioned before, so you may need a second warm body to warm yourself up at night.

As for clothing, synthetic and wool are better able to keep you warm. Forget about cotton.

To choose your sleeping bag, always use the comfort temperature as the reference temperature, not the extreme temperature. This one indicates the extreme temperature of hypothermia, the one where your life would be in danger. The insulation of your bag must be well adapted to your climatic conditions, likewise for the size which must not be larger than necessary. Being in a bag that's too wide may cool you down, it can keep your body warm, but it can not warm the cold air around you. It is at this moment that we understand the usefulness of the cord which is used to close the hood of the bag, in order not to let air pass.

Even if a sleeping bag is particularly effective in terms of insulation, so as not to see his body to cool completely, a mattress is a significant ally (if you forget, you can always place dead leaves under your tent, or even a plastic survival blanket under your bag for insulation). Indeed, the best solution to not lose heat is to avoid contact with the ground.

If you are chilly, do not forget that our main body heat runs off the extremities. So we must provide hood, hat, and even socks to sleep (although it is not the most comfortable, I admit it).

If you need to warm up outside your tent, you can read the article: protect yourself from the cold.

To eat

If you go wild camping for a long stay, you will need food supplies. In case you have not seen the cult movie Into the Wild, do not try to feed on wild plants that you do not know, it could end badly.

There are many facilities that are easy to carry in a backpack if you decide to cook yourself with your own (camping dishes, gas or electric stoves …). If you can not predict how your diet will work, promote the transport of simple, light foods such as protein grain bars and raw edible vegetables.

In choosing your stove (gas or gas), it is necessary to take into account the transport. If you have planned an air trip, your gas stove is mandatory, as for gas, it can be useful in your local trekking.

To drink

When traveling with your tent, it is not always easy to carry a lot of water, or even to find drinking water points, so you have to adapt. There are some tips to avoid getting sick by drinking natural water: a mechanical filter (like water bottles and bottles with integrated filter), chemical filter like charcoal or silver particles, disinfectant tablets, and the boiling.

For more security, some even advocate to associate several ways of purification.

As all these solutions have advantages and disadvantages, if you want to know more, I invite you to learn about the means of purification water through complementary sites.

The rules to respect


Depending on the environment in which you are, you should also pay attention to the animals around you.

In order not to see your tent torn by bears, foxes or other wild animals, try to cook and keep your food as far as possible from your camp, checking that the wind does not smell.

In case of country with bears, a tree is the most appropriate hiding place (minimum 4 m above the ground).

Make a fire

Making a campfire can be useful for warming up, preparing a meal but also to keep wild animals away or simply to light up.

However, be aware of legislation prohibiting fires in certain places, (such as those protected). It is dangerous to do in a forest, especially if the branches are low, as well as near homes. For more details, you can consult the site: prevention-incendie-foret.com

You must first look for a place sheltered from the wind, a bare ground of rocks, leaves or twigs, all not being too close to your equipment (the tents being particularly flammable, and the smoke not so nice) .

To make a success of your fire, surround the chosen area with stones or do it directly in a hollower area than the ground level. It is important to define the limit and the dimension of your fire, in order to foresee the necessary resources to extinguish it with ease.

To start your fire, you will need: what to light your fire (lighters, matches or firesteel), a fuel (newsprint, fallen leaves, cardboard, dry twigs ..) and wood, which you must prepare in advance .

How to extinguish your fire?

Mainly with water. As we are never too careful, do not hesitate to go back several times. It is recommended to add soil to reduce its oxygen supply, and thus extinguish it entirely. Also scatter the remaining wood to leave as little traces as possible.

And above all, always be attentive, a fire can quickly become uncontrollable.

Remember that a true camper leaves nature as he found it, no traces apart from those that experience gives him.

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What to visit in Guatemala: Flores

A few months ago, I let you choose my next trip. I had the idea to pre-select 16 destinations that make me dream and I gave you the opportunity to vote on my Instagram account (@brunomaltor) to choose the one you wanted to discover through my Instagram stories and posts, vlogs … and blog posts obviously. It was Guatemala who won and so I left for 3 weeks to discover this beautiful country. And my journey begins in the city of Flores.

What to visit in Guatemala: Flores

Let's start at the beginning: here is a presentation of this country that has intrigued you so much.


Population: About 17 million inhabitants

Capital city : Guatemala City, 1 million inhabitants

Area: 108,888 km² (6 times smaller than France).

Change : The Quetzal

Change: Count around 10 Quetzales for 1 euro

Neighboring countries : Mexico, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador.

As you can see, Guatemala is a very small part of the world that is full of many treasures that I will present to you.

How to get there ?

For me, it all started with my friend Clément by a flight Paris> Mexico> Guatemala City via the company AeroMexico. There are no direct flights from France to Guatemala, and this option is the most interesting from a quality / price point of view: count 500 euros to do the A / R in very aircrafts modern equipped with wifi, USB sockets, etc … And especially, a first flight well on time which assured me to take the second trip without problems. In short, a very good company that I recommend for your next trip to Central America!

An express passage in Guatemala City

Once in Guatemala City, I decided … not to stay in the capital.

Why ? For two main reasons. The first is that the tourist interests seemed to me rather limited in this city … But also and especially because I heard many negative echoes about it … I know, I know, there are plenty of people to whom it will NOT happen in Guatemala City, but it does not prevent that 90% of ” dirty stories That I could hear happened there.

Flores, to the Maya territories

So I made my way to Flores, far north of the country, known for being very nice and safe. To do this, you have two options: the bus, which will take you about eight hours for more or less 30 euros (possible to make the night journey to save a little) or the plane, which will require an hour for about 100 euros.

I chose option B, mainly because I had already chained nearly 20 hours of journeys to reach my destination, and I did not want to accumulate too much fatigue from the beginning of the trip.

A drone view of the city of Guatemala Flores

Flores is known as the gateway to the Mayan territories (although at its peak, the Mayan borders stretched far beyond), it is also built on an ancient Mayan city of which there is nothing left today : Tayasal. This is where most of the excursions to the most famous sites of this ancient civilization in Guatemala start: Tikal and Yaxha (but I will tell you about these places in more detail later). It is also known for its many colorful houses, its cobbled streets, its relaxing atmosphere … In short, the perfect place to start a stay 🙂

I spent 2 days there to quietly get back from the jetlag, and I do not regret this choice. The city is often hardly overflown by travelers but she deserves in my opinion at least a full day.

What to do in Flores?

Getting lost in the small streets

I will give you some spots that I liked in Flores but before that here is what I really liked in this city: it is discovering random walks. Simply lose yourself in the alleyways, at your own pace, and enjoy. Enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy the smiles of the locals, enjoy the bright colors of the houses available to your retina.

Everything is easy to walk to Flores, so feel free to get lost. Really.

Admire the sunset

Flores is located on an island in the middle of Lake Petén Itzá. It is connected to the country by a simple road and therefore logically bordered by water on almost all of its extremities. So you can find along its banks, many pontoons that locals and tourists use to come dive into the lake and cool off. There is one that is particularly pleasant at sunset. You will find it in front of the hotel The Union (which I refer to later in the article), to these Google Maps coordinates. From there you can admire the sunset with in the foreground local people having fun on the pontoon. A perfect atmosphere.

The sunset on Flores

Have a drink at Los Amigos Youth Hostel

Los Amigos Youth Hostel is simply one of the most beautiful hostels I have ever seen. With its many plants covering the walls, its cheap beer, its many travelers and multicolored neon lights to illuminate everything, the atmosphere is simply magical.

Los Amigos Youth Hostel, one of the most beautiful hostels

The place ” Central Park »

At the end of the day, this is where many locals gather and play football, cards … it's a real place to live. It is bordered by a small church and colorful houses and is well worth a visit during your visit to Flores.

Have a coffee Maple & Tocino

Located on the shores, the Maple & Tocino is not very “local” but it is an ideal place for digital nomads who need a good connection to work. Because indeed the connection to Guatemala is not always at the top and if like me you sometimes need to use the internet to work or otherwise, this kind of place can save your life, I was happy to fall on it 🙂

Where to stay in Flores

Since it is very touristy, you have several options to stay in Flores. I repeat myself, but this island is very small, so you do not have to worry about ” which neighborhood to prefer “: Everything is done very well on foot!

Los Amigos Youth Hostel

As mentioned above, Los Amigos Youth Hostel is an exceptional hostel. I did not sleep there but went for a drink, and it was really a nice discovery. I took the opportunity to talk with people who were staying there, and they were all delighted with the place … I can only advise you!

Hotel La Union

The second option is the hotel La Unionand that's where I slept. It is a bit more expensive than the hostel option, but it is very honest because the price is about 20 euros per night in a private room with private bathroom. There is also a nice rooftop on the roof of the hotel (logic), very cool for sunsets!

The view of the lake from the La Union hotel

Bolontiku Boutique Hotel

Finally, there are more expensive options, such as Bolontiku Boutique Hotel who has a good reputation.

Bolontiku Boutique Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in the city

As you can see, there is something for everyone.

The rest of the trip

What I did not tell you was that Flores was only the very first step of this wonderful trip. I have so much to say to you that I have decided to cut you further in other articles that will appear below shortly:

  • Tikal and Yaxha
  • Semuc Champey & Chichicastenango (coming soon)
  • Lake Atitlan (coming soon)
  • Antigua & the Acatenango and Fuego volcanoes (coming soon)

All my videos made in Guatemala are below, do not hesitate to watch them, there are things in that I did not specify here:

Guatemala was a fucking adventure. And I really wish you to live it once in your life. Personally, I think already when I go back …

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What to visit in Guatemala: Tikal and Yaxha

Once in Flores and after visiting this beautiful city (go read my article what to visit in Guatemala: Flores to find out more about my arrival there) it was time to explore the remains of the Maya civilization in the area.
Of course, I'm talking about the Tikal and Yaxha sites: two of the most impressive places I've visited in my life as a traveler. Here is an article to trace my experience there and give you all my good plans.

The Mayan civilization

Let's start with the beginning : what is the Mayan civilization? Because if we all know their name, we sometimes confuse Mayas, Incas, Aztecs … and it is often difficult to locate the geographical and temporal limits of the expansion of this complex civilization.

The Mayan civilization is located in Central America on a territory that stretched from Mexico to Guatemala via Belize, Salvador or Honduras. It is one of the oldest civilizations of the continent, it would have been present from 2600 BC before dying in the sixteenth century with the Spanish conquests. It remains very mysterious and we know very little about its functioning, in particular because many documents of the time were destroyed during the centuries of European colonization. Only a handful of books have been found to help archaeologists and anthropologists understand this missing civilization. The Mayas operated according to a complex culture and possessed the most advanced writing of the region, it saw astronomers, mathematicians and architects go far ahead of their time.

Maya territory has been able to gather up to 11 million people according to some studies and several cities could have several thousand inhabitants.

In short Mayan culture has surely been one of the most powerful and one of the most prolific in the world and yet we know little about the latter. The sites like Tikal or Yaxha are surrounded by mystery and we still discover new ruins today that allow us each time to know a little more about the people who built these majestic temples hundreds of years ago .

What to visit in yaxha and tikal in guatemala: the central square

Visit Tikal

How to get there ?

To get to Tikal, the easiest solution is to take a bus from Flores. There are a large number of travel agencies in the city so you can enjoy the competition and get away with a good price. Personally, I had to pay the 70 Quetzales ticket for the go. The journey takes about 1h30.

Agencies usually offer to bring you to the site in the morning and bring you back in the evening. Once there, the bus makes a stop at the park entrance (which is huge) so you can buy your ticket at the official shop before heading back to the temples. There is one last check before you can visit the rest of the site. So you have to buy a ticket at the entrance of the park (you can not do it later and you may be stuck at the controls).

The tickets

Tikal can be visited during the day but also for sunrise or sunset. All tickets do not guarantee entrance to the venue at different times. If you want to visit the site and admire the sunset, you have to pay the entrance to the day and the supplement to stay at the sunset.

I really advise you to do the sunset! The price difference is not huge and the experience is magical. You must go to the meeting point to be guided by guides and the end of the day is done every day at the top of the same temple. But I can assure you that it's really worth it.

I would have liked to do the sunrise to be really alone on the spot but in the morning, the site is covered with fog and some guides and travelers told me that we saw nothing (a guide assured me that on the last 10 sunrises he had done, he had only seen the sun once). It's up to you depending on the weather but if you have the courage, I think it's worth a try.

The prices

  • 150 Quetzales: 1-day ticket (without sunset or sunrise)
  • 250 Quetzales: 1 day ticket with sunset
  • 250 Quetzales: 1 day ticket with sunrise
  • 350 Quetzales: 1 day ticket with sunrise AND sunset

As a reminder 1 euro = 8.5 Quetzales

There are no on-site vending machines, so be sure you have withdrawn enough money before you go.

Warning Tickets are only valid for the day. If you want to come back the next day, you have to buy a special ticket. They were valid 24 hours at a time (so you could come back the next day earlier to reuse your ticket) but this is no longer the case.

Practical information

Opening hours: the park opens from 6h to 18h. You can go there before or after opening hours to see the sunrise and sunset but you have to pay extra (see prices above).

Tikal has been part of UNESCO World Heritage since 1979.

sunset over Tikal Park

What to do in Tikal?

As I said in the introduction to this article, Tikal is surely one of the most incredible sites I've ever visited in my life. It really reminded me of Machu Picchu (yes, you read that well, I compare Tikal to Machu Picchu).

First what surprised me was the attendance of this place: there was really no one when I went there the first day! It is probably the most tourist attraction in Guatemala and I found myself completely alone on a temple.

When I returned the next day, I met more tourists, especially because of the arrival of several buses. The advice I can give you is simply to go in the morning! You will be less likely to meet other tourists and you can enjoy for a few hours a Mayan site practically alone.

Then, I was also struck by the size of the place. Tikal is over 576 km² is the equivalent of 5 times the size of Paris. If you really want to take the time to visit everything, I advise you to do like me and to come two days.

You can visit Tikal with or without a guide, I personally decided to make the tour without a guide to get lost on its many paths and go exploring each temple at my own pace. As much to say that I feasted, I felt like Indiana Jones (a little less handsome anyway). Difficult to describe the feeling of freedom, adventure and discovery that emerges from this place. I could have spent hours just wandering around and imagining what this impressive city looked like when it was still inhabited. Only you will also have more chances to cross one of the many small wild animals that abound on the scene.

Of course I recommend you to go through the central square and explore the central acropolis (on which you can climb freely) to find the best view of the central temple. Then lose yourself by starting with the North Zone (the temples are smaller, so it is difficult to watch the sunset from below).

Sleep on site

There are several hotels on the spot to sleep, I personally stayed at Tikal Inn. It is quite convenient if you want to visit the place in 2 days or you want to do the sunrise on the spot. I stayed here for one night and found the hotel very good. It is just a bit pricey by Guatemalan standards but that is reasonable.

Visit Yaxha

Many tourists travel to Guatemala and visit Tikal but forget about Yaxha, a smaller but equally impressive neighbor city for my taste. What a mistake you would make if you missed such a place!

the central square in Yaxha

How to get there ?

As Tikal, the easiest way to get to Yaxha is to go through an agency in Flores (it's up to you to see them one by one and make your choice, overall they are equal). You will also make a stop at the entrance of the park to pay for your ticket before taking the bus to get to the site.

The price

The price of the entrance to the park is 80 Quetzales.
You can stay for the sunset.

What to do in Yaxha?

The city of Yaxha was smaller than that of Tikal, it still gathered thousands of people (the kingdom of Yaxha had at its peak over 40,000 people). Today you will find on the spot some groups of tourists and wild animals but that's about all. I found myself completely alone alone in this magical place.

The city of Yaxha consists of a central square with a trio of temples that you can climb if you have the courage (calves heat but believe me it is worth it) and other temples scattered all over the city. site. Apart from the central square, I advise you to go through the “Grupo Maler” and the East Acropolis (Templo de las manos rojas) which are magnificent.

Also take the time to observe howler monkeys which are found throughout the site. They look like any monkey with one detail: their cry! They are considered the most noisy terrestrial animals in the world and it would be possible to hear them up to a distance of 4 km.
It's pretty impressive when you're there, they make a real noise and you'll hear them constantly, whether it's close up or echoing off. And I think you will be surprised by the type of sound they can produce, I let you discover it on the spot or in my vlog directly.

Just like Tikal, you can see the sunset on the spot. The majority of tours offer to stay until nightfall before you get back by bus and most of the people on site advise you to go to admire the show from the highest temple of the place (the East Acropolis). Although I think the view is beautiful there, I advise you to do otherwise. I have indeed found the show much more pleasant in the central square, the view is less good but you will be totally alone. Yes only on a Mayan temple to admire the sun go down, there is still worse as a situation to finish his day right?

I made a vlog on my experiences in Tikal and Yaxha, I invite you to go see him if you want to know a little more about these 2 Mayan cities:

This article is part of a series of articles I write about Guatemala, you can find them here:

I say it and I say it again: Tikal and Yaxha are probably 2 of the craziest places I have had the opportunity to go on a trip. I can hardly put the words in writing to explain how much I was amazed during the few days spent there. What I did not know at the time was that I was just at the beginning of my surprises, I was going to discover many more beautiful things in Guatemala …

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What to see in the Czech Republic outside of Prague

When we go to visit the Czech Republic, it is often to discover Prague, its capital, which is the fifth most visited city in Europe… But we forget (very very often) to get lost in the rest of the country that has a lot to offer. However, we can not, for example, summarize France in Paris alone. That's why I went back to discover this beautiful country, not its capital 🙂

A few words about Prague anyway

So, of course, when you arrive in the Czech Republic, there is a good chance it will be in Prague. Obviously, I advise you to stay 2 days to discover one of the most beautiful cities in the world in my opinion, but this article will not discuss what to do in this gem of Central Europe.
You can still discover a selection of articles about Prague below:

And of course, a dedicated Vlog on my favorites off the beaten track:

That being said, I can pass to the heart of the subject of this article, namely that to visit in the north of the Czech Republic. If I speak of the north, it implies that I really lost myself in this part of the country, because we have to make choices when we have about a week on the spot, including 2-3 days in the capital.


Population: About 11 million inhabitants

Capital city : Prague.

Area: 78,865 km² (6 times smaller than France).

Change : The Czech koruna

Change: Count around 25 Czech crowns for 1 euro

Neighboring countries : Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia.

First thing to know, rent a car! Although many cities are accessible by train / bus, I strongly advise the car that will be more convenient parks and spots I'm talking about. In addition, it costs less than 20 euros per day, I invite you to check the best deals on Skyscanner whose reliability is no longer to prove …

The car being rented, here are the places that I highly recommend you in video:

Here is a summary in text of the unmissable in my opinion:

The rocks of Příhrazské

Yes, well, we will not lie, this name is extremely complicated to remember or even say 🙂

But you can go there with your eyes closed, because it is a very nice walk to be done just an hour's drive from Prague! To go for a walk, go to the car park of Na Krásné vyhlídce. Then do the hike Drábské světničky from the restaurant. It will take the blue trail (1.5 km) to discover the rocks towards the end of the trip, and take the opportunity to enjoy the view that awaits you … No one around! It is already a very beautiful contrast, you will be far from the crowds of the center of Prague at this time, and yet only one hour away from the capital! I advise you for the sunset, you should enjoy the beautiful lights in the distance …

For more information about Central Bohemia you can visit the official website: www.centralbohemia.eu

The labyrinths of rocks of Besedice

The labyrinths of rocks of Besedice when it is gray

Ok, we go to a higher level. I OBLIGE you to go through this corner during a stay in the Czech Republic. This is a surreal place straight out of the greatest Hollywood movies, which will then be offered to you. The labyrinth of Besedice gathers tens (hundreds?) Of immense rocks in which you will be able to lose you in order to appreciate their greatness, and why not climb them if you wish it (not with bare hands eh, there are stairs: )). I advise you to spend at least half a day, and I assure you that you will enjoy.

For more info on Czech Paradise you can visit the official website: www.cesky-raj.info

Level photos, there is obviously something to do over there …

Parking GPS in Besedice : 50.6275333N, 15.2115692E


the impressive television tower of Ještěd

Want to feel in a flying saucer? I think I found the perfect place for you: Ještěd! In fact, it is a hotel that also serves as a TV Tower and has existed for 50 years … The futuristic style of the building makes it visible from very far away and I advise you necessarily to spend, at least to eat a tip in the restaurant, and at best to sleep there (which I could not do, and I regret it REALLY). In addition, the prices are ultra accessible, so I let you check according to your dates availabilities by clicking here.

In short, Ještěd, right next to the city of Liberec, definitely deserves a detour.

Czech Switzerland & Hřensko

We continue the road to the north, to explore the Czech Switzerland, especially Hřensko, definitely my favorite. There, you can find the famous Gorges de la Kamenice which you will inevitably fall in love with. It is a mystical place, powerful, where nature is queen and one moves slowly with many Czechs, some Polish, German, and zero French. Be careful, they are only open from April to October.

The result is inevitably at the rendezvous when we love nature …

Czech Switzerland & Hřensko

It's a bit of a hassle to get there, so be sure to park in the car parks on your way to Hřensko, and walk 15-20 minutes before you can take the boat (paying, of course, but really cheap). For me, the most beautiful gorge is on the first stretch by boat, but also take the next one if you have time 🙂

A little higher, you can also discover the largest natural arch in Europe, where I did not go for lack of time, but I heard a lot of good so do not hesitate to go if you can: Her name is Pravčická brána.

You will understand, there is much more than Prague to discover in the Czech Republic, so I count on you to lose you in this beautiful country that deserves more than 2-3 days in city-break. For nature lovers, you will not regret it. Promised!

For more information on Czech Switzerland you can visit the official website: www.ceskesvycarsko.cz

The beautiful Czech swiss

Travel made in collaboration with theTourist Office of Czech Republic. My favorites & reco remain of course the fruit of my own appreciations 🙂

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Airplane canceled or delayed: what to do?

My travels lead me to take a plane very regularly, so I experienced the famous delays and cancellations of which some flights are victims as soon as the wind decides to blow a little too much, that the snow invades the tracks or that a strike suddenly breaks out. So I did my little research on the amounts that I could legally claim, as well as the procedures to follow to get me reimbursed.

I do not hide from you that I was quite surprised by some of my discoveries so I decided to write a little article to help you understand what your rights are and how to make them work. Your hours lost in the corridors of the airport will no longer remain unpaid 🙂

Refund and compensation of his plane ticket in case of cancellation / delay

What are the conditions to be compensated?

European guarantees

To begin, you should know that when traveling by plane, you are protected by European law (EU Directive 261-2004) which guarantees you certain rights. However, in order to benefit from this guarantee, you must be in at least one of the following situations:

  • Your flight instead ofa European country to another European country (No matter which airline you have borrowed)
  • Your flight instead ofa European country to an external country (No matter which airline you have borrowed)
  • Your flight instead ofan external country to a European country (only if you have borrowed from a company that is based in Europe)

* European countries include the countries of the European Union, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland

You may not be compensated if extreme conditions have prevented the airline from taking off, such as a strike or snowstorm.

Company guarantees

If your flight does not meet at least one of the two criteria listed above, European law does not protect you. That does not mean that you can not get a refund, because in almost all cases, the company reimburses at least the amount of the flight, but the terms of repayment depend on each company and there is often no additional compensation.

airline ticket compensation

flight delayed or canceled: what are your rights?

In case of delay less than 3 hours

In case of delay, the company is obliged to take care of you during the delay, that is to say provide you refreshments and meals if necessary.

In case of delay greater than 3 hours / cancellation / denied boarding

In case of delay greater than 3 hours, cancellation of the flight or denied boarding (due to overbooking) the airline must:

  • You take charge (meals, drinks etc …).
  • It is obliged to offer a refund or a routing in the same conditions to your destination and pay you a hotel if the departure is the next day.
  • Offer you compensation.

The compensation offered can go up to 600 € and depends on the distance traveled as well as the duration of the delay.

Flight distance Compensation
In the European Union (EU) Between the EU and a non-EU country
Up to 1,500 km 250 € 250 €
1,500 to 3,500 km 400 € 400 €
More than 3,500 km 400 € 600 €

airline ticket compensation

How to get a refund or compensation?


In the event of a delay of more than 3 hours, cancellation or denied boarding, you may decide not to take your flight and ask the airline to reimburse you for your flight ticket. In this case, the claim is simple because it is up to the company to offer you the refund and make it within 7 days of your claim. You have no additional steps to take.


This is where it gets complicated, because if it is easy enough to get a ticket refunded, the steps to get the extra compensation you owe are often long and full of paperwork (yuck). I will give you two possible solutions in this case:

Make your own compensation claim

You can apply online at the website of the airline you have borrowed. However some companies do not offer this possibility. You must then take your courage and find the address proposed to file a complaint and send a letter / request for payment to the company in question stating that you want compensation.

If the company answers you (which is not always the case) and the answer does not suit you (for example, claiming extraordinary circumstances), send a letter to the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, with supporting documents and your claim. As much to tell you that you will have to arm yourself with patience.

Go through a specialized website

If you want to avoid filling out a bunch of forms, finding the right address to write to, etc … you can also go through specialized sites that take care of claiming your compensation for you.

There are today a multitude of sites that offer these services. I personally advise you to go through Flightright. A safe and above all extremely effective site (99% success on the initiated procedures)

Just enter your details, the flight reference and they do all the work for you. The filing of your file is done in 5 minutes and you just have to wait. The maximum compensation is 600 €, the site then takes a commission on the amount of this allowance (27% + VAT amount). And the best part of all this is that you only pay this commission if you win, you have nothing to pay if you do not receive anything from the airline.

You have up to 5 years to claim your compensation, so if you took a flight in the last 5 years that was more than 3 hours late, you can still claim compensation today.

See flightright.fr

It costs you nothing in case of failure and it takes you 5 minutes to fill out the forms, so I think it's always worth a try if one of your flights has been delayed or canceled.

I hope that this article will help you to assert your right in case of cancellation or delay of your flight.

I know it does not make up for a spoiled vacation, but a delay can be good news if it allows you to pay for a big restaurant on arrival 🙂 Feel free to comment on your own feedback. experience on this kind of situation.

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10 apps to download on your phone before a trip

Like it or not, mobile phones are an important part of our lives. They are used to call, send messages, make appointments, locate in the city, consult his accounts … in short it is difficult to do without everyday.

And when traveling, it's often the same thing! Whether it is to give news to loved ones, find the little restaurant in the area, take pictures, our phone is a privileged tool that makes life easier even on the other side of the world. And to make the most of it, here is a list of 10 apps to install on your phone before a trip.

To make everyone happy, I have chosen only apps available on both iOS and Android 🙂

Do you need to use your phone abroad? Go and have a look at my article Which mobile plan to choose for traveling?

1. Google apps

Well it will seem stupid to talk about Google because I imagine that if you read this blog, you are still a minimum informed about this company. But we can not really deny that it has many applications that can be very useful on the trip, here are a few that I particularly recommend:

    • Google Maps : I do not present Google Maps, the classic application to find your way home or on the road.
      By cons I can show you a feature we know less about the application. It is indeed possible to download in advance the maps of the countries in which you go. You will be able to consult the map without internet.
      You can also add in advance the points you want to visit and classify them into different categories (restaurants, viewpoints, etc …)
    • Google Translate When you go to a country where you do not know the language, this application can save your life. First because it allows you to translate a few short sentences that will help you understand when you search your path for example. But also because the application has a very useful feature: the translation of texts taken into pictures. This feature served me for example in different restaurants where I went to the Czech Republic. In the Czech countryside, it was indeed difficult to find restaurants with menus in English or French, with a simple photo I had all the translations.
    • Google Trips : Google Trips is an application that allows you to have your flights, reservations and recommendations in one place. The app is connected to your Gmail account and detects emails for flights, hotel reservations etc … by updating to what you receive. It's convenient for all Gmail users.

2. N26

For your travels, it is better to inquire about the rates charged by your bank in the country where you go. Most of them charge withdrawals and card payments. I advise you to anticipate and download the application N26, an online bank that reduces your banking fees abroad.

It's been a few years since I discovered this bank and I must say that today is the one I use for 99% of my travels. Registration is fully online on the application and it is completely free, you even receive a credit card directly to you. Card payments are free of charge and withdrawal fees are much lower than for “traditional” banks.

I speak to you in more detail of the banks to choose in my article: Which bank to choose for a trip?

3. Headspace

The trip is the discovery of new cultures, unexpected encounters, beautiful landscapes etc … but it is especially finally having time for oneself. Get out of your daily routine and work to finally do what we like. And to help me recharge the batteries, I recently discovered an application that should please you: Headspace!

An application that allows you to learn the basics of mediation. It includes a wide variety of programs available according to the objectives you want to fix (fight anxiety, reduce stress, be more focused etc …). The goal is to create a routine during your travels of just 10 minutes that will help you refocus on yourself, your ideas, your body … It does not seem like that but when you think about it, how much time per day you do you really think about yourself and your body?

4. Tricount

Who has ever made a trip with buddies and ripped hair out of the accounts at the end of the trip? Everybody ! (If this is not the case, you can go to the next app 😉)

Tricount is the perfect way to solve this bill problem! Once you download the application, you enter all your common expenses, you indicate who paid what to whom. At the end of the trip, the application calculates who is responsible for reimbursing expenses and especially to whom. No more puzzles on a sheet of paper and the impression of having paid half of your friends' holidays.

5. XE Currency

This application allows to have a real-time idea of ​​the exchange rate of all the world's currencies. It can be very useful for simply calculating local prices and estimating them in euros. But it can also help you when you go to a foreign exchange office: you can see if the exchange rates they practice are totally disconnected from the actual rate or not.

Believe me it can be useful to have this kind of application when you find yourself in front of your dealer in Vietnam and he proposes you to withdraw 1,000,000,000 Dongs in the greatest calm 🙂

6. Hopper

Hopper is the application to prepare your trip par excellence! It includes flights and hotels and it allows especially to create alerts to wait for the best price before booking. The app gives you an estimate of the best time to book your ticket on a specific destination. What good to save!

7. Babbel (Paying)

When traveling to a foreign country, knowing some basic local language can be useful! First of all because it will save you from ordering anything at the restaurant but also because saying “hello” or “thank you” to a local in his language is a good way to show him that you are interested in his culture. Believe me, in most cases they will be delighted even if your accent is not developed at all.

To have these basics, you can go through the Babbel app, which allows you to learn about 13 foreign languages. Whether it's to know a few words or really take things seriously and discover a new language. The application is paid but by clicking on the link of the article you have 3 months free to test it 😉

I discuss it in more detail in my video about Lisbon that you can see here:

8. Happycow

This application is simply pure happiness for vegetarians like me. A bit like Tripadvisor, it allows you to spot the well-known restaurants around you, but it focuses only on vegetarian and vegan establishments.

And it's also a good opportunity to taste vegetarian cuisine if you're traveling 😉

9. Hide My Ass (VPN)

Censorship is a common practice in some parts of the world and it can also affect the internet and its content. This may concern Facebook or Google but also more harmless sites like Wikipedia. In order to counter this censorship you can download a Virtual Private Network (VPN) application. It will allow you to surf the net with an IP address located in another country, so you can view all the content accessible from this country. And this completely anonymously. For example, you can use it to watch the replay of a program whose content is blocked in the country where you are.

It is also a way to secure your connection because by hiding your IP address and making your connection more anonymous you avoid your searches on the web are tracked. You can buy online (for example, to book a hotel) in a much more secure way even on public WIFI networks.

There are many applications that offer this service and I recommend one in particular: Hide My Ass. This is the one I use everyday and I can recommend it for one thing in particular: its ease of use. You change your IP address in 2 clicks without any visible change in connection speed. It's just perfect when you travel a lot and often connect to unknown networks.

You can test the application for 7 days, it is then paid but you have a guaranteed satisfied or refunded 30 days.

10. Avast

Again on the theme of security, I advise you to download Avast, the classic and free antivirus. I insist on this topic because on a trip we often have to connect to new networks WIFI public (to give news to his relatives for example) who are more or less safe. To avoid worrying too much about it, Avast is a simple and effective solution. The product has been elected best computer security software in 2018.

And in addition it's free 🙂

(BONUS) WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an essential app when you go on a trip. I know that many of you already have it on their phone (that's why I put it as a bonus) but I recommend it anyway. This is the best way to keep in touch with loved ones, you just need to find an internet connection to send messages or make calls.

Also be aware that WhatsApp is widely popular in most countries of the world. If you meet young people in South America, chances are they will ask you for your WhatsApp to keep in touch. Similarly in countries like Russia where Facebook is not really popular and it will be difficult for you to use Messenger with locals.

I hope that this list will have helped you to find useful applications to better prepare your trip. Feel free to give your own recommendations in the comments 🙂

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What to visit in Switzerland in the canton of Friborg?

Switzerland is a small country but the density of incredible landscapes that you will have the opportunity to see there will make you quickly forget this detail. I spent a few days exploring a particular area: the canton of Friborg. And I can tell you that I did not have time to be bored! Here are all my favorites and tips to visit Friborg.

The Great Cariçaie

The journey begins at Estavayer-le-lac is where Grande Cariçaie is located. This huge nature reserve is the largest swampy area in Switzerland. It hosts more than 800 plant species and 10,000 animal species: one quarter of Switzerland's fauna and flora! It serves as a refuge for migrating birds and you can see different species passing by depending on the season. But it is also a beaver home where you can see the work everywhere (big toothaches in the trees everywhere) but are a little shy and you can see only at rare occasions. Yes, nature can not be controlled: it's not a zoo 😉

In any case I advise you to spend and keep your eyes wide open to see the life that unfolds under your nose throughout the ride. And for your convenience, paths and observation points are planned throughout the park.

The city of Friborg

Here is now the capital of the Canton of Friborg, which bears the same name (sometimes, we must not complicate life). It is a medieval town quite impressive for the simple reason that it was built on the side of a cliff. This is indeed the strategic point that Berthold IV chose to build his castle in the twelfth century to monitor the region and reaffirm its authority.

The city still bathes in this medieval atmosphere and the half-timbered houses as well as the magnificent historic buildings that are still standing like the cathedral give it a real cachet. The district of the lower town is particularly pleasant to walk, the walk is punctuated by several points of view very pleasant. I particularly advise you to pass on the “middle bridge” which offers one of the most beautiful panoramas on the city. Do you want proof ? Look at the following picture:

Overlooking the city of Friborg from the middle bridge
The city of Friborg has about 30 000 inhabitants, so it is relatively quiet and especially really nice. To do in 1/2 or 1 day I think.

Thein Gruyère

If you are French like me, your brain must have a very particular reaction as soon as it hears, sees (or feels?) The word cheese. So you will understand my excitement when I saw that Switzerland had a whole region that bore the name of a cheese: the Gruyère region!

Well, I'm going to start by breaking a myth: no Gruyere does not have a hole! The real Swiss Gruyère, made in the region from local cow's milk, is indeed a full cheese. Not to be confused with Emmental. And that's good news, because fewer holes = more cheese!

The town of Gruyère

You can start your visit to the region by visiting the town of Gruyère and its castle. It is beautiful and its small cobbled streets are perfect for a stroll. There are many famous fusion restaurants where you can fill your stomach for lunch. For a more unusual experience I advise to go to the museum and the bar of HR Giger, the creator ofAlien. A large number of his works are exhibited, it is both creepy and fascinating.
This is probably the place where I met the most tourists during my trip to Switzerland, even if it is reasonable, do not hesitate to come early or late afternoon to avoid the world.

Lake Gruyère

Next to the town Gruyère, I also advise you to go to Lake Gruyère to admire the small Ogoz Island. It is a landscape simply super relaxing. I was there for the sunrise (it's my friend Carim, a local instagrammer who told me about it) and the show was both beautiful and soothing. I urge you, whether in the morning or the afternoon.

Lake Gruyère

An extraordinary experience

My visit to Gruyère was also an opportunity to meet Jean Claude Pesse, a local who has been working for several years to transport mule equipment for the alpine season to various shelters. He does this in an association and respecting the traditions of the best possible. So I left with Jean Claude and a small troop of friends, all dressed in traditional clothes, to deliver material to a shepherdess.

It was a simple moment of sharing with people that I am not used to dealing with in my daily life and who welcomed me with great kindness. We were able to share during the hike but also during a meal that they kindly offered me 🙂
I also did some portraits of them to immortalize the moment:

Thees Gastlosen

The Soldier's Cottage

You can not go to Switzerland without spending at least one night in a chalet. It is a real institution there and you would miss a great experience. But beware when I say cottage, do not imagine a small pile of wood lost in the mountains, some are very modern and comfortable as for example the Chalet du Soldat.

What is less comfortable, however, is the way to get there! Because you will still have to walk for a good hour (on a sloping ground) to finally see the famous chalet. The ride remains accessible but it will still ask you some effort.

awakening from the balcony of the soldier's chalet in friborg

The view from the chalet is just beautiful and the surroundings too. I advise you to sleep on site (you can eat and sleep there, there are packages with correct prices) to explore the place for 2 days. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance on the weather so I will not be able to tell you about the hike on the mountain ridge that surrounds the chalet but apparently it is extraordinary.

In short, it is a place that has nothing to envy to the Dolomites and is still unknown to the general public.

A summit that is reminiscent of the 3 peaks in the dolomites

The Paccots

I also made a quick pass to the Paccots, this time I had more luck on the weather because a light mist enveloped the trees and the atmosphere was just perfect. Very melancholic and “moody” as we like them.
The special atmosphere of Friborg when it rains
So I ended my trip in the Canton of Friborg on a very nice note. I returned with beautiful memories full of head and some nice shots in my camera. I can only invite you to go and visit this little corner of the world which offers grandiose landscapes and which the local population will welcome you with open arms (not to mention its delicious cheese of course).
I hope I have made you want to visit the beautiful canton of Friborg, if you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to use the commentary space 🙂
this is the kind of place you fall on when you get lost in Friborg
Travel realized in collaboration with Friborg Region. My favorites & reco remain of course the fruit of my own appreciations 🙂

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Traveling with children

Going out with your family with young children is … “a breeze!” However, it takes a minimum of organization and respect a few rules so that everything happens for the better. Here are some tips from a traveling mom.

This article, Traveling with children, was written by Murielle, a traveler from the community of Your World Tour. If you too want to write for the blog, send me a little mail 🙂

Fly with your children

For the flight to pass faster, we bring pencils, coloring, a notepad to draw, a deck of cards and lots of little characters to tell stories. The tablet is also a good way to have a quiet flight;). I always bring something to nibble or have a picnic depending on the time of the flight.

For long-haul flights, consider ordering a children’s menu when booking. The meal tray arrives before that of adults. We can take care of our little ones before eating quietly.

If you travel at night, we bought the cushions ” First class kid travel pillow Which allow children to lie down and therefore sleep better. Some companies are starting to ban it for security reasons but I have never been told anything. They must not be side aisle to not obstruct the passage in case of emergency exit. A real miracle for my children because they sleep about 8h. They are not on us and are not likely to fall so the whole family is sleeping!

The younger the children are on a young plane, the more they will travel. Meal tray and tablet have no secret for them.

Editor’s note: to all travelers who will enjoy the flight to sleep, read or watch a movie (those who do not have children finally): in case of big crises of tears of a child, it would be nice not to watch the parents fight with their child with black eyes or blow very hard because the screams bother you. We, parents, have not overtrained our children so that they deliberately feel bad on a plane … We do everything we can to enjoy a pleasant trip too 😉

We bring the stroller?

As we traveled, we left the stroller for the baby carrier. We had the Manduca, light and compact so we could put it in the backpack when baby wanted to explore the world alone.

The stroller is convenient for naps but it all depends on the destination. Sidewalks (when there are) are not necessarily suitable for strollers so they quickly become restrictive.

the stroller can be a solution for traveling with your children

What type of accommodation?

I find it more convenient to rent an apartment with young children. Meals can be quieter and we are not all forced to go to bed early. We often take typical dishes to take away to continue our journey of taste but without the constraints of restaurants.

From a budget point of view, the apartment is often cheaper than a hotel room. Especially since hotels encourage families to take more expensive family rooms.

The essentials of a pharmacy case

The pharmacy is a must but what to put inside? Here are some fans:

  • Betadine for small sores to be disinfected
  • Smecta against diarrhea
  • Paracetamol
  • Biafine for small burns
  • Arnica
  • Steristrips for open wounds
  • Compresses and adhesive plaster
  • A thermometer
  • Some physiological saline (to rinse an eye, a runny nose or clean a wound)
  • Solar cream

In terms of vaccines, it is best to contact the Pasteur Institute and look according to your destination (www.pasteur.fr)

When do we eat ?

In general, we ate rice or pasta, chicken and eggs. Everything was cooked, never raw, and they were never sick during our travels.

For water, always in bottle (check if the bottle is closed) and never ice.

For the little ones, there are usually in the pharmacies small pots. The alternative is to buy vegetables at the market and ask your hotel to cook them. The last solution is to travel with a suitcase full of small pots!

the puzzle to eat when traveling with your children


It is true that a rested child is much more manageable than an exhausted child. However, asking him to take a nap at the hotel is not easy and in addition it cuts the day of visits for the rest of the family! As we traveled, our children learned to sleep everywhere as soon as we had a little trip. The baby carrier has been a great help! But overall, they took naps in various means of locomotion and varied …

If you sleep early and you are at the hotel, do not forget the front to read!

And frankly, we are all on vacation so for once, they have the right to zap the nap!

the nap is a strategic moment for children

Traveling with children

And if they get lost?

I put the card of the hotel or our apartment in their pocket with our phone number and their first name. If they get lost, they can show the card to passers-by or police officers. It never happened to me but you never know …

My mother’s experience

Traveling with children is certainly less relaxing but just as rewarding as a solo trip or a couple trip.

The children do not have the language barrier and they go without any problem in contact with the locals. We had great discussions or part of football thanks to them! To see them marvel is pure happiness.

So do not hesitate and travel with your children!

Thanks to Murielle for this article, if you want to read more about her adventures, here are other articles she wrote:


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